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Colibri Quasar 50+ Cigar Capacity Humidor. Regular Price $595.00 on SALE $449.99...Click here to see Collection!

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  • Triple Kiln Dried Spanish Cedar Interior
  • 50+ Cigar Capacity
  • Includes 1 humidifier and 1 Digital Hydrometer


SALE PRICE: $449.99

Designed in New York City, our new Colibri Quasar Desktop Humidor brings confidence and sophistication to any room. Created in our signature Quasar design, this version of our Original Quasar humidor has a 50 maximum cigar capacity that makes it a perfect centerpiece for every desk and table. The Desktop Humidor features an air-tight seal and magnetic humidification system that ensures fresh cigars, and two dividers for custom organization. With a signature exterior design embodied by our Quasar series, the Desktop Humidor will display your cigars with modern sophistication, and is available in three colors: black, red, and gunmetal.

Available in the following colours.

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