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The Issue On June 25th, Canada’s Federal Department of Health published draft regulations outlining new packaging requirements for all tobacco products sold in Canada. These new requirements include premium cigars. As proposed, these regulations under the new Bill called Bill S-5, will cause unnecessary harm and injury to independently owned and operated cigar stores and their suppliers across Canada. Our industry is not the big tobacco companies that produce cigarettes. Our industry, premium cigars, is made up of cigar stores that are small family owned businesses. We sell these hand made products crafted by women and men in the developing world to adults here in Canada. Health Canada acknowledges that if their Bill is implemented fully, more than fifty percent...

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You are invited to our Annual Customer Appreciation Night Thursday, August 30th, 2018 at 5pm to 9pm This will be another Smokin' Night, filled with complimentary food, beverages and live entertainment. Please RSVP or give us a call at 416-545-0063  (must be on guest list to attend) Cigar specials to be announced that day only and will be up to 30% OFF Made possible by a little help from our friends..... Watch a video of one our past Customer Appreciation Nights below:

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Priming & Prepping Your New Humidor

The steps outlined below give approximate timing for proper maintenance of a typical humidor. Every humidor is different and you must use your own judgement to get the cigars at the humidity level that you most prefer. Ideal humidity for cigars is 68-72% and ideal temperature for cigars is 20 Celsius. *** ONLY USE DISTILLED WATER WHEN WETTING DOWN YOUR HUMIDOR ***Do not use tap water, ‘Brita’ water, spring water etc. for recharging the humidifier or wetting down the humidor as they will clog the pores of the wood and destroy the humidifier. STEP 1: WETTING DOWN THE HUMIDOR Schedule: Repeat Every 4-6 Months Remove all cigars from humidor and do not put them back into the humidor until 8 hours...

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