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Priming & Prepping Your New Humidor

The steps outlined below give approximate timing for proper maintenance of a typical humidor. Every humidor is different and you must use your own judgement to get the cigars at the humidity level that you most prefer. Ideal humidity for cigars is 68-72% and ideal temperature for cigars is 20 Celsius.


Do not use tap water, ‘Brita’ water, spring water etc. for recharging the humidifier or wetting down the humidor as they will clog the pores of the wood and destroy the humidifier.


Schedule: Repeat Every 4-6 Months

  • Remove all cigars from humidor and do not put them back into the humidor until 8 hours after wetting down the humidor. 
  • Remove the hygrometer and humidifier from the humidor.
  • Using a spritzing bottle, lightly spray the interior cedar wood with distilled water until the wood appears wet.
  • Wipe the excess water from within the humidor using a clean cotton cloth paying close attention to the corners.(Failure to thoroughly wipe the excess water from the box will promote warping of the wood, which in turn would compromise the seal of the humidor and void the warranty).
  • Replace hygrometer and humidifier and close the box for 8 hours before putting the cigars back into the humidor.


Schedule: Repeat Every 4-6 Weeks

  • Remove the humidifier from the humidor.
  • Pour The Smokin’ Cigar Inc. Propylene Glycol Solution directly into the humidifier to force the solution into the dense sponge. Fill humidification until it starts to overflow. (It is imperative to use the Smokin’ Cigar Inc. Propylene Glycol Solution to maintain proper function of your humidor. It cleans dust particles & minerals and will automatically regulate the humidity in your humidor at 70% -insuring a humidor fresh smoke every time.)
  • Place the humidifier into a mug or Tupperware container and let sponge soak for upwards of 30 minutes.
  • Remove humidifier from mug/container and shake to remove any excess solution that has not been absorbed by the sponge but is trapped within the casing.
  • Wipe down humidification unit with a cloth until completely dry.
  • Replace the humidifier into the humidor.
  • Do not dilute with any other water.


Schedule: Repeat Every 6 Months ***Digital Hygrometer Does Not Apply
  • Remove the Hygrometer from the Humidor & place Hygrometer in a wet cloth for 1 hour.
  • The unit should read between 95%-100% (a soaking wet cloth is 100% humid!).
  • If unit does not reach 95%-100% calibrate unit to 100% by turning the adjusting screw in rear of Hygrometer. This is only possible if your Hygrometer is adjustable.
  • Return Hygrometer to its normal place in humidor and allow unit 6 hours to reset. 
  • Hygrometer should be working accurately, if not bring in for exchange.

Still have questions about proper humidor maintenance? We'd be happy to chat. Contact The Smokin' Cigar today.

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