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Sutliff Limited Edition Cringle Flake 2023 50g Pipe Tobacco. ON SALE $59.99 Reg. $69.99

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This is the SAME great Pipe Tobacco, just packaged in the Green Plain Liberal Packaging.

This is a very LIMITED yearly release that is a unique ONE TIME special blend containing tobacco that has been aged. It has a decade-old Red Virginias, 2003 vintage Perique, and stoved Katerini. In this blend, whole leaves are pressed into cakes and then sliced into thick flakes. It is naturally sweet with spicy, piquant undertones. The result is incredibly complex with notes of stone fruits, earthy spices, and molasses.

Tobacco: Red Virginia (20yr Aged)/Perique (18yr Aged)/Orientals

Type: Red Virginia 

Cut: Flake

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