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Meharis Java Package of 10... BUY A CARTON OF 10 & SAVE 10%

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This is the SAME great Small Cigar, only available in Plain Liberal Packaging. 

Package of 10 Cigarillos

Size: Cigarillo 3 7/8" x 23

Medium Strength.

The 'original' Mehari's (since 1976) has a unique character thanks largely to the authentic taste and aroma of its lively Java wrapper. This is perfectly balanced with a rich mixture of high quality tobaccos in the filler.

Mehari’s has an unrivalled knowledge of cigars. For in order to be a legend, you have to set the standard. The finest tobaccos from various parts of the world – from Indonesia to Central and South America – make up our unique and characteristic blends, each as exceptional as its connoisseur. Our wide range of distinctive flavours answers to an equally wide variety of tastes.

"Every second, somewhere in the world, 11 Mehari's are being lit"

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