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Lorenzetti Free Hand Natural Rustic Pipe

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In 1934, Otello Lorenzetti began to create some of what is now known to be  his best handcrafted briar pipes. Otello could construct around 20 pipes each day, selling them to local tobacconists. His craftsmanship was widely admired. He would work for more than 12 hours a day to meet the demand of his pipes. Later in the sixties, Lorenzetti expanded his business with the assistance of Marinella and his children, as well as several employees. As a result, the collection has become one of the most beloved pipe brands internationally.

These pipes are at incredible value and made of top quality briar. They have quietly grown to be one of Lorenzetti's best selling pipes.

Big Ben 9mm or Blitz 9mm filters recommended with this purchase. 

Made in Italy.

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