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Credo Aluminum Triple Punch Cutter. Click here to see collection!

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The Credo "3-in-1" Cigar Punch Cutter is a pocket size cigar punch that is simple-to-use, offers enthusiasts three sizes (6mm, 10mm and 14mm), and is good for cutting cigars up to 34 ring gauge, 48 ring gauge and 60 ring gauge respectively. Each of the punch blades are made of Japanese steel, and the body of the cutter is aluminum. To cut, simply unfold the body and choose the appropriate punch cutter size. Place the head of the cigar against the punch, brace the body with your hand, twist and push. The blade slices clean into the cigar head and won't leave behind tiny bits of tobacco around the cut. Two hinges allow the user to fold the cutter into itself, allowing for easy and safe storage. 

 Available in the following colours.

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