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Cornell and Diehl Bijou 50g Pipe Tobacco

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This is the SAME great Pipe Tobacco, just packaged in the Green Plain Liberal Packaging.

Accented by bright leaf and rounded by small leafed Katerini, Bijou is then pressed and sliced into delicate flakes. Featuring choice 2003 vintage Eastern North Carolina Red Virginia tobacco and a wonderful aroma right out of the tin.

Since its genesis, C&D has put an emphasis on superlative quality to create blends unlike any other tobacco on the market. In the early years, the company focused on English blends rather than the “over-the-counter” American Virginia and Burley-based tobaccos of the era. Today, we here at Cornell & Diehl keep that same tradition alive. From classic blends to mixtures that employ innovative processes like the C&D red Virginia Cavendish, you won’t have to search for long to find a handcrafted, lifetime favorite.