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Alec Bradley Project 40 Gordo

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This is the SAME great Cigar, just packaged in the Green Plain Liberal Packaging. There is NO original cigar band underneath.

Size: Gordo 6" x 60

Filler: Nicaraguan

Binder: Brazilian

Wrapper: Nicaraguan

Country: Nicaragua

Large and imposing, this well-made cigar burns evenly. Notes of cinnamon, nuts and cedar meld pleasantly with hints of vanilla and cappuccino before the fruity finish.

The cigars are made by Jesus Fuego in Nicaragua and consist of copious amounts of Nicaraguan tobacco and a Cuban-seed Brazilian binder. Ultimately, it’s a great smoke at a great price, and although we have no empirical data, we’d surmise that fewer things make a cigar lover happier.

"Project 40 is the search to find a deeper understanding as to why cigars have a positive cognitive impact on the mind and body. Similar to music, cigars have a calming effect that allows us to feel in control as well as feel rewarded. A proper blend, price, and experience has been developed for your enjoyment. Take control of your happiness."

- Alan Rubin

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