Chacom Reverse Calabash | Orange

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Reverse Calabash’ refers to achieving the Calabash pipe smoking experience in a more portable and accessible form without a need for the meerchsaum gourd insert.

Traditional Calabash pipes accomplish their cool, dry, mellow smoke via an air chamber in the gourd beneath the bowl which allows the smoke to expand, cool down and lose moisture.

The Reverse Calabash has an extra-large air chamber between the pipe stem and airhole of the pipe’s bowl where this cool-down can take place. The result is an amazingly cool smoking pipe and something truly unique in form and style. Each pipe comes with a wonderful roll-up fabric bag featuring a hand-drawn scene of St Claude, France.

Chacom pipes are made by hand in one of the last remaining dedicated pipe factories in the world. Staffed by skilled artisans including the famous Pierre Morel, Chacom pipes are one of the great treasures of the pipe world with pricing that still makes them affordable to the common pipe smoker.

Made in France

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