1880 Series Casa Turrent Maduro
1880 Series Casa Turrent Maduro
1880 Series Casa Turrent Maduro

1880 Series Casa Turrent Maduro

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Size: 6 1/2" x 55

Filler: Nicaraguan & Mexican (10 - 12 yrs)

Binder: Mexican Habano Criollo San Andres (10 - 12 yrs)

Wrapper: Mexican Negro San Andres Maduro (5 yrs)

The Maduro, which is darkest and most full bodied of the series, combnes a near-black Negro San Andres Maduro wrapper with Habano Criollo San Andres binder and filler tobacco from Nicaragua and Mexico.

The first family of Mexican tobacco is adding four new blends to its namesake Casa Turrent 1880 Series, and the new cigars should be shipping to retailers the first week of June.

The Turrents, known for their prolific leaf-growing operation in Mexico, are also the producers and distributors of the Casa Turrent line of cigars, which are made in Mexico at the Casa Turrent factory.

While the Casa Turrent 1880 Series is made in only one size—6 1/2 inches by 55 ring gauge—it’s offered in four different blends and wrapper types: Claro, Colorado, Oscuro and Maduro. They come in 10-count boxes and will retail for $20 USD per cigar.

Although not limited-edition cigars, they are limited production with only one pair of rollers assigned to each blend. According to brand owner Alejandro Turent the factory will only produce 5,000 of each variety per month.