Brigham Voyageur Pipe Kit #123

Brigham Voyageur Pipe Kit #123

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This Brigham Voyageur (1 Dot) Pipe Kit comes with:

Brigham Voyageur #123 Pipe, Pipe Cleaners, Brigham Pipe Distillators, 3-piece Czech pipe tool and a Roll-up Leather Tobacco pouch.

Perfect for a Pipe Novice or a Pipe Aficionado!

About Brigham Pipes:

"The Voyageur casts off into the unknown to explore and discover the wonders of the Canadian wild. Our entry level design offers a similar reward for those testing the waters of the Brigham pipe experience."

"The Brigham distillator system, developed in the 1930s, was created in response to a common complaint of pipe smokers – tongue bite. Eliminating this burning sensation created by the tars and acids of the burning tobacco (especially in wet and aromatic blends) became a consuming passion of ours. We found the perfect taste-neutral and effective material in natural, untreated Rock Maple.

Each distillator is made by hollowing out the inside diameter of a 3.5” Rock Maple dowel and pressure-fitting a special metal cap to its end which helps the distillator fit snugly inside the pipe while making removal simple. The manufacturing process of the distillator uses no chemicals or adhesives to guarantee a taste-neutral system."