Alec Bradley Prensado Lost Art Gran Toro

Alec Bradley Prensado Lost Art Gran Toro

Size: Grande 6 1/4" x 52

Filler: Nicaragua, Honduras

Binder: Nicaragua, Honduras

Wrapper: Honduras

Country: Honduras

A boxed-pressed cigar with a rich, earthy quality and caramel sweetness along with hints of chestnuts and herbs. The finish is long.

"Nowadays, it seems production trumps artistry. In premium cigars, though, artisans still produce everything by hand- a process that hasn’t changed in hundreds of years. I get nostalgic about the days when a large majority of products were made with care, by hand. Prensado Lost Art pays homage to those times. Every Prensado Lost Art is traditionally rolled “entubado”- with each filler leaf rolled for perfect air flow. The cigars are semi-pressed and finished with a traditional triple cap."